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This is how our TRACKY works

Here at Personlost we have come up with the ideal solution to shorten the span of time that your kid or any other person that you are taking care of is lost. By making use of our QR/NFC coded wristband the one who found the missing person can get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Elderly people who get lost

More and more often the police has to deal with missing elderly people who left their home and do not remember their way back anymore. If your father or mother suffering from dementia or a confused customer that you are caring for ends up missing, it can be a very frighting situation.

Quickly recovered

Fortunately, at personlost we have a handy solution to help you find your child, or someone else you care for, faster in the form of a kind of SOS strap with a smart track-and-trace system: TRACKY. This ensures that the person you lost returns to you quickly.

No hassle

Make sure you put it on with your child, or other person you care for, when you go to a busy place. From now on, no more hassle with written phone numbers on hands that smudge through water and sunscreen, but a smart bracelet containing all the necessary information.

That's how the 'TRACKY' works:

1. Order the wristband here.

2. Register the wristband at

3. When the missing person has been found, the finder scans the code on the wristband.

4. You or the carer of the person immediately will get an alert via sms, e-mail, WhatsApp and or a phone call.

5. The GPS location of the person found can be shared.

6. Agree on time and place with the finder to be able to pick up the person found.

Examples where you can use the Tracky:

Amusement park










Public transport

School trip