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Find back a person quickly with the unique Personlost wristbands

At personlost we want to spare you the panic of someone getting lost whom you're taking care of with our smart tracking wristband

This is how it works

That's how the 'TRACKY' works:

1. Order the wristband here.

2. Register the wristband at

3. When the missing person has been found, the finder scans the code on the wristband.

4. You or the carer of the person immediately will get an alert via sms, e-mail, WhatsApp and or a phone call.

5. The GPS location of the person found can be shared.

6. Agree on time and place with the finder to be able to pick up the person found.

Watch this short video about Personlost
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20.000 kids get lost every year in the Netherlands

Imagine this; you are at a zoo, in a park or at some other location where many people come together and all of a sudden your child - that was walking beside you just a second ago - is no where to be seen anymore... Fear hits you. Where to start your search? According to data from Amber Alert, 20,000 children are lost each year in the Netherlands.

"The most common example is that a child walks away or sets out on an adventure and falls asleep"

Jeroen Rademaker of Amber Alert

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